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Enrich your surroundings with the transformative artwork of Cirlene Da Cunha Rodrigues. She creates dynamic murals that breathe vibrancy into empty walls and designs that eloquently pay tribute to our local culture.

With an extensive portfolio of diverse mural projects, Cirlene has been an influential figure in various Northeast Ohio communities. Her commitment to crafting lively, culturally resonant art has led to partnerships with esteemed institutions such as Schreiber School, Arts in Stark, YWCA, and multiple Chamber of Commerce chapters.

Cirlene’s unique talent lies in her ability to transport viewers into a world of imagination, where each mural becomes a storybook reflecting the rich history and character of the environment. Her murals are not just artwork; they are a gateway to explore, appreciate, and deeply connect with your surroundings.

These murals go beyond aesthetics; they are an invitation to engage with your environment in a profound way. Step into the realm of Cirlene Da Cunha Rodrigues and experience art that doesn’t just decorate but elevates and inspires a renewed sense of spirit in your space.

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